Under 21 and Bored?

"Broken Heart"

Try Light Painting

Under 21 and bored as all get out? Yes, because of Boston’s rules about letting underaged adults into the bar, those under the age of 21 can find themselves lacking in entertainment during the after hours.

One activity that might prove to be entertaining is light painting. Light Painting is exactly how it sounds. Find someone with a Digital SLR and set it up on a tripod. Using a long shutter speed (10 seconds) take a picture of your friends while they run around with flashlights. (or get creative and use glow sticks or cell phones)

You can draw shapes, spell your name, or shine it one yourself while you stand still (this will make you look clear and crisp while everyone else running around you looks blurry. The possibilities are endless and best part, you don’t need an ID to do it. Just find a dimly lit area (in a safe place) and go to town.

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