Dear Boston: When is Summer Coming?

Posted on May 12, 2010


Dear Boston

This is what I want to know dear beloved Boston. When will you get your act together? It is May. Actually we are half way through May and it is still only 51 degrees outside. 51! Now, I understand your Bipolar Boston self cannot comprehend that school is over (I’ve hardly accepted the fact as well) but, It is SUMMER VACATION! What do I need to do? Go out to the Commons and sacrifice some of those over-sized squirrels in order for you to talk to the weather gods about the gross weather outside?

You see, I’m rather found of those squirrels, and I’d rather feed them french fries than have to go to the trouble of catching, killing, and creating really elaborate designs on stones with blood. It is just not something I’d like to do, not to mention the mess. All of that blood?! No, I’d rather approach this in a mature, civilized manner.

So dear beloved Boston, please try to convince the weather gods that you are no exception to summer and yes, we should be wearing flip-flops and shorts, lounging graciously on the commons in the glorious summer sun.

Thanks for your hard work and consideration,

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